Azimut Design, art furniture in glass resin

azimut design riccardo benedini

An Italian brand that creates magical ties between material and depth for furniture lines with extraordinary three-dimensional effects.

Riccardo Benedini October 2021
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Azimut Design


Interior Design Brand

Exclusive lines of furniture and objects in glass resin for private homes, commercial spaces and luxury boats. We are open to collaborations with artists and designers for resin coating and surfaces resin mounting projects - as well as for materials and objects - in order to enhance the elements and transform each piece into a true and durable work of art.

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Someone said: “We live incredible experiences daily”. Over the span of a day, every kind of material meets our senses, creating an unconscious dependence between us and what seems to be, at that particular moment, the perfect habitat of our emotions.

Wood, iron, plastic, glass, fabric, paper, concrete. There are endless variations of this material dance of attraction, and the reason that moves our preferences is often unknown: surfaces that to the touch evoke moments already experienced, generating familiarity and trust, as well as, in the same way, forms never seen before capable of generating new hopes and visions in our mind. Matter connects us to a fascinating language, generates bonds in us and guides us in a taste that is nothing more than pure identity.

Recognizing oneself in the material and being aware of this bond is the mission of the Italian brand Azimut Design, which dedicates the utmost attention to the investigation of its customers to best realize the dream of a world built around them.

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azimut resine riccado benedini
riccardo benedini azimut design

“It is nature that, scrutinized, understood and replicated, merges with art and is transformed, through the three dimensionality of the resin, into amazement, memory and visual ecstasy.” Annalisa Lago, CEO of Azimut Design

Aerial leaves, metals and precious woods and fabrics from all over the world. The Azimut Design showroom in San Giovanni Lupatoto near Verona is a true living room of the elements. Here each project is exclusive, as being the result of continuous research into materials and technology.

Skilled artisans perform the first phase of processing completely by hand. The production process is very complex and requires great precision and meticulousness. All materials are immersed in transparent resin and, after a long polymerization process; the products thus obtained are ready for the finishing and polishing phases. Made exclusively with special glass and transparent resins of unparalleled quality, they guarantee the durability and resistance of their perfectly smooth and compact surfaces. Resin coatings can cover any kind of surface, but the company can also provide the state-of-the-art incorporation of any object. The basic materials are the most diverse and the company is approached daily to try innovative combinations and unusual solutions with respect for the environment.

The only limit is the partner’s imagination.

Azimut Design, art furniture in glass resin

azimut design riccardo benedini

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