Azimut Design furnishes Bottega Veneta

From Rome to Shanghai, our creations among the Maison's jewels.

azimut design bottega veneta

From Rome to Shanghai, our creations among the Maison's jewels.

Riccardo Benedini November 2021
November 2021

If the craftsmanship of the highest level has allowed Azimut Design to establish itself on the home furnishing scene, the multifaceted face and the innovative approach to materials have certainly sanctioned its greatest successes at an international level with collaborations that see it as a production and design partner of important names in luxury and fashion.

azimut design bottega veneta verona

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Since 1966, the year of its foundation, Bottega Veneta has been devoted to the belief of high craftsmanship as a possible criterion to affirm a new standard of luxury.

The pursuit of excellence not only accompanies its creations, but also distinguishes the Maison in the design of boutiques and department stores around the world, characterized by innovative design, contemporary functionality and the highest quality materials.

In 2019, Bottega Veneta chose Azimut Design as the creative partner of its new furniture line, aimed at expressing the evolution of traditional concept stores. Suggestion, depth and tactile pleasure are the keywords of this new language, to which Azimut Design responds with the three-dimensional elegance of resin, a material of which the company from Verona is the undisputed representative in the international scene. Each of their projects is unique, the result of continuous research into materials and technology, in order to offer furnishing solutions built around the needs of their customers.

azimut riccardo benedini design
benedini azimut bottega veneta

“This is not the first time we have collaborated with a fashion brand. The requests we receive are truly varied and stimulate the imagination of our team to the point that our laboratory often resembles the scene of some fantasy film ”.

Annalisa Lago, CEO of Azimut Design

“Jelly” is the name of the first line that Bottega Veneta commissions to Azimut Design and is reminiscent of large gelatinous candies in glass resin in various colors. The semi-transparency of the surfaces allows a play of refraction of light and the hollow body makes them surprisingly light and easy to move around the Maison’s showrooms, where they are used as display bases for bags and accessories. A surprising furniture line that Azimut Design likes to present also as a series of lamps, obtained by applying the same hollow resin bodies on a very thin LED base. The final effect suggests to the imagination of the observer a magical mutation of the giant candies into floating and fluorescent jellyfish.

Exclusively for the Bottega Veneta showrooms in Shanghai, Azimut Design creates, on its own design, a limited series of elongated cylindrical tables of various heights, characterized by a glossy exterior and a satin interior. For this occasion, the Verona’s brand has optimized a technique capable of overcoming the difficulties inherent in creating curved surfaces through resin castings.

design arte moda riccardo benedini bottega veneta

In 2020, the Maison commissioned Azimut Design for a second line of furniture that skillfully combines resin with a new material, known as “cotisso”. The latter represents a very elegant solution to working with recycled material since it is a real waste from Murano glass processing. Specifically, these irregularly shaped colored glass blocks are mainly used in fusion for blow production and are obtained by throwing the molten glass inside the basins, which is then left to cool, thus starting the breaking process of the same. Therefore, when the cooking is finished, the bottom of the oven is literally split on the ground, thus obtaining the flakes of cotisso necessary for the realization of the three segments which, sealed in resin, will make up, in a single piece, the coffee table of the line. “Ice”. The name derives, in fact, from the “frozen” effect that this waste material takes on when it is immersed in the resin, creating depth and beautiful reflections of light.

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A completely new approach finally comes in 2021 when, at the Azimut Design laboratories in San Giovanni Lupatoto, what, at first glance, appears to be sections of ancient columns from Greek temples begin to take shape. These are not archaeological finds, but rather the third line of furnishings commissioned by Bottega Veneta from the brand. We are talking about “Fluted Vases”, that is circular shapes in grooved wood, coated with resin and white enamel to obtain a ceramic effect. These sculptures seem to make fun of the viewer as they lend themselves to multiple uses, acting both as simple side tables and, as the well-known Maison preferred to do in their showrooms, use them as vases and planters with a classic and nostalgic face.

“The collaboration with Bottega Veneta has pushed us, in recent years, to constantly put our knowledge into play in experimenting with new materials and techniques, maturing a more sustainable face in our creations” .

Annalisa Lago, CEO of Azimut Design

azimut design bottega verona

Azimut Design furnishes Bottega Veneta

azimut design bottega veneta

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