Azimut Design signs the new table for Galeries Lafayette with resin

The initials of the brand become the support bases of a table that reveals the personality of the French shopping giant.

azimut benedini galeries lafayette verona

The initials of the brand become the support bases of a table that reveals the personality of the French shopping giant.

Riccardo Benedini November 2021
November 2021
A totally Italian production reality in which the artisan experience, technological innovation and a deep knowledge of materials, have been interacting for over twenty years in the continuous search for excellence for the design of spaces and furnishings tailored to customers and their desires.
azimut galeries lafayette verona

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Detail makes us special. It often makes us unique. It emerges from our skin as a signal sent to the eyes of those we wish to conquer. That is our light, our most precious key to understanding. Being read the way we want to be read is perhaps one of the ambitions we care about the most, but is it real? Even in the world of design, we choose materials and shapes capable, when well combined, of giving a name to our most beautiful “me”.

Creating furniture that can answer the question “what’s your name?” is the wonderful challenge with which, in spring 2021, Azimut Design presents its saffron resin table to the French giant Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann.

riccardo beneidni galeries lafayette
azimut benedini galeries lafayette

“The beauty of the project came from finding the perfect design joint, capable of transforming the two simple initials, G and L, into the support bases of a table that signs itself “.

Annalisa Lago, CEO of Azimut Design

“What’s your name?”. To this question, the work of Azimut Design responds in a playful way, letting its identity be revealed through a wonderful show of light and depth, whose protagonists are none other than the “legs” of the table. Two letters, the “G” and the “L”, give shape to these large support bases and offer a surprising interpretation of the initials of the Parisian company, which for over a century has represented an icon of the art de vivre and of French elegance in the world. Thanks to a meticulous interlocking design and a hint of narcissism, the initials of the well-known brand emerge through the surface of the table, made of translucent satin resin.

About 2.80 cm long and 1.20 cm wide, the work required a careful evaluation of the color, since the legs, in order to bring out their own shape through the 6 cm thickness of the top, had to be necessarily visible in a different shade.

Finally, among the numerous color samples, the saffron variant transformed the three segments into a single “language of light”.

The initials of the brand combine two different geometries: the letter “G” has a round shape, while the “L” is framed by a rectangle.

riccardo beneidni galeries lafayette francia

A table that says its name is an iconic table and Azimut Design could not offer better homage to the fashion department than this authentic world-shopping mecca that is Galeries Lafayette. Founded in 1893, the best of fashion and creation has been accessible to everyone for over a century, thanks to stores expertly designed to combine events, art, discovery and pure entertainment.

The ability that this historic brand has shown in knowing how to constantly reinterpret itself based on the time we live, makes it worthy of the light with which Azimut Design has written its name on the resin. A table that tells of a charismatic brand, capable of emerging from its present and facing the future with an innate momentum and energy, almost the secret of the work itself.

design riccardo benedini verona galeries
riccardo beneidni galeries lafayette arte design

The entire process of creating the table for Galeries Lafayette took place at the Azimut Design laboratory in San Giovanni Lupatoto, near Verona. From the drawing to the creation of the molds for the bases, up to the final processing of the surfaces with matte paint to obtain the translucent effect. The work finally arrived, in September 2021, at its destination at number 40 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris where, under the famous “Coupole”, a dazzling masterpiece by the master glassmaker Jacques Gruber, Azimut Design laid its “resin stone saffron “: a table that smiles at the viewer, emblematic of a language that seeks new ways of revelation between tradition and modernity.

“The part that most marked this design adventure was the creation of the wooden molds that allowed us to create the table bases in a single casting. A successful bet and we are proud of it ”.

Francesco Benedini, CEO of Azimut Design

Azimut Design signs the new table for Galeries Lafayette with resin

azimut benedini galeries lafayette verona

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