Giovanni Pinosio's "Furniture of the Air" line transforms everyday objects into suggestions to make every space itinerant.

riccardo benedini sedia pinosio

Giovanni Pinosio's "Furniture of the Air" line transforms everyday objects into suggestions to make every space itinerant.

Riccardo Benedini September 2021
September 2021

A design that creates empathy and questions the observer thanks to its changing shapes and volumes, depending on the point of view. A three-dimensional game capable of overturning the parameters of every good interior decorator and surprising in its irreverent but refined movement.

riccardo benedini sedia pinosio artista

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“Chair”, by the sculptor Giovanni Pinosio, is a unique piece, made to measure in 2017 to furnish the home of a Venetian private individual. The first work of the “Air Furniture” series, it represents for the artist the opportunity to dialogue with the elements that inhabit our daily life, pretending a “narcissistic” revenge enacted by the objects themselves. These, after having denied their functionality, strip off the volume and show off their shapes as if they were “lines dancing in mid-air”. The living space, no longer usable in its constituent elements, thus becomes the perfect stage in which Pinosio gives life to suggestions. His objects appear like mirages and seem to blend in with the surrounding environment, as if to investigate its proportions and redefine its contours. The artist, faced with our disorientation, offers us a place to sit amused: a chair embroidered from the air itself. A new idea of ​​rest, that of the mind.

riccardo benedini giovanni pinosio
giovanni pinosio sedia artista

“Through these old objects I did not want to tell or narrate anything, but only to enjoy the simple pleasure of making them and getting to know them in their linear essentiality”.

Giovanni Pinosio

A three-dimensional drawing applied to the sculpture using iron wire. Iron, this strong and delicate material at the same time, reflects the attention that the artist places towards the silent soul of what surrounds us: respecting an object means respecting oneself, since the idea that generated it, feeds on our talent. Taking care of its forms is equivalent to an act of faith. This is the true message of the “Air Furniture” series: you continue to appreciate what you have created even when its usefulness is lacking because the genius remains and “sits” on its own beauty.

The very light work is in natural size. It can be lifted and moved with one hand and can also be hung on a wall. Designed for the interior, the work is signed by the artist in iron wire.

sedia filo ferro pinosio giovanni

On the occasion of the 77th edition of the International Film Festival, the work “Sedia”, together with other objects from the “Furniture of the Air” series, such as “Clock” and “Sewing Machine”, were exhibited at the Atelier of the Daragiati Farinelli on the Giudecca Island in Venice. The owners of this splendid mansion have made their spaces available to the artist to accommodate a series of objects that rebel against their usefulness and make an evocative journey, leaving only a light and fairy skeleton as a trace of their passage.

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“Just like us, a space must find its own identity to be happy. The idea that some of its objects can escape from morning to night is otherwise real”.

Riccardo Benedini

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riccardo benedini sedia pinosio

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