Giovanni Pinosio embroiders in mid-air time capable of being moved.

riccardo benedini orologio pinosio

Giovanni Pinosio embroiders in mid-air time capable of being moved.

Riccardo Benedini December 2021
December 2021

Giovanni Pinosio uses his art to design and creates spaces with a unique flavor. His artistic research led him to populate spaces not only with bodies but also with objects and furnishing accessories, such as chandeliers, mirrors, clocks, chairs, three-dimensional paintings and extremely personalized ornaments.

riccardo benedini orologio pinosio artista

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“Clock” belongs to the group of works called “Furniture of the Air” that the sculptor Giovanni Pinosio created specifically in 2017 for the home of a Venetian private individual. Unlike “Chair”, the first work of the series, in which we find the elements of everyday life denying their functionality to offer themselves to the observer as a mere show of shapes, Pinosio’s clock tells us of expectation: the hands of the clock face, suddenly, they stop. Courted but unfaithful, they trade their ticking in exchange for a little understanding. They are waiting for us because they too, for once, want to be waited for. As a metaphor for a more comprehensive time, almost capable of feeling moved in front of its own frenzy, the pendulum bends on its own volume, transforming the present, the past and the future into an architecture capable of listening to itself and listening to us.

goivanni pinosio filo ferro artista
riccardo benedini giovanni pinosio artista

“All my objects have to do with an intimate time, only mine, in which I can rediscover myself and dialogue with myself”.

Giovanni Pinosio

At the 77th edition of the Venice International Film Festival, “Floor Clock”, together with other objects from the Air Furniture series, such as “Chair” and “Sewing Machine”, were exhibited at the ‘Atelier of the Daragiati Farinelli on the Giudecca Island in Venice.

giovanni pinosio orologio benedini riccardo

A clock that rebels against its own time is the most human thing the artist can offer to our living space, a place where everything becomes possible. The state of things as they are and as we would like them to be. A three-dimensional drawing applied to sculpture using only iron wire is the language that Giovanni Pinosio chooses to evoke this sort of trance in which are the objects themselves that educate us to face time with the same respect with which we suffer, too often, the lack of it.

dettaglio artista giovanni pinosio
orologio ferro pinosio benedini
pendolo orologio arte ferro pinosio

The work is in natural size. Very light, it can be raised and moved with one hand and can also be hung on a wall. Designed for the interior, the sculpture bears the artist’s signature in wire.


riccardo benedini orologio pinosio

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