Each step tells an unrepeatable step

The new line of stairs by Azimut Design

azimut design riccardo benedini

The new line of stairs by Azimut Design

Riccardo Benedini November 2021
November 2021
Resin is the material lens that Azimut Design chooses to interpret the habitat of emotions with creations that stand out for their three-dimensionality and transparency, transmitting in the observer a sense of belonging to the materials that is completely unique and unusual.
azimut design legno resina scale

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When we create an object, we want to entrust a part of us to it. As if the idea that we keep so secretly, when it takes its real shape, owes a sort of fidelity, albeit minimal, to our hearts as creators.

However, to develop its own dignity, our object must interact with space, but above all with society. How many times are we surprised to interpret words and forms in a different way with respect to their initial meaning or purpose? Well, when our mind plays this game, the irony that is produced becomes the true “soul” of creating.

An elastic soul precisely, since it conforms to the infinite variety of minds and situations, without necessarily having the arrogance of possessing any. An object capable of surprising and that allows itself to be surprised as well. However, what functional element to our life can come so close to this subtle ideal dialogue?

azimut design scale interni benedini
riccardo benedini azimut design interni

“We have decided to create a staircase capable of making you feel special, in which your every step is unique and unrepeatable”.

Annalisa Lago, designer

Anyone who has been to the Azimut Design laboratories on the outskirts of Verona immediately perceives how much this brand loves to experience interaction with others, through resin creations combined with a variety of materials. The strong attention to the identity of the individual wooden elements that make up the steps reflects the designers’ deep desire to generate an almost irresistible sense of belonging to anyone who tries to walk this staircase.

The idea that each of our steps is special comes from the fact that each step triggers a different wonder in us and transforms the simple path inside a house into a universe where everything appears possible, starting with our smallest choices.

The wood essence used for the steps of this staircase near Udine is called Carapanauba and comes from the Amazon forest.

scale legno resina azimut interni benedini

In the photo we find the “baptism of art” of this new line which, like a falsified chromatic scale, reveals itself to the observer with its eighteen suspended steps.

Almost eager to lengthen the path to those who walk it, it betrays a certain desire to be protagonist thanks to the material shades of elements that were once green imprints of life. On this wonderful stage, the dance of the depths accompanies the ascent interspersed with imperceptible circular spotlights inserted into the wall.

Once again, Lago and Benedini give life to a refined and at the same time lively scenario, capable of understanding and stimulating us to the point of making each of our steps an encounter.

benedini riccardo verona azimut design
benedini riccardo legno azimut design progettazione

Each step tells an unrepeatable step

azimut design riccardo benedini

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