Ethereal Love

Pinosio embroiders the metamorphosis of love in iron wire.

riccardo benedini design artista pinosio

Pinosio embroiders the metamorphosis of love in iron wire.

Riccardo Benedini November 2021
November 2021

Giovanni Pinosio, with his iron wire sculptures, embodies just this: an artist responsible for the happiness of the space he furnishes. His Venetian atelier is a surprising laboratory, where dozens of bodies and objects come to life by embroidering the air around the visitor and transforming the entire scene into a dreamlike dance of forms in dialogue.

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The work “Ethereal Love” by the Venetian Giovanni Pinosio, known as “the artist of the intertwined iron wire”, is part of a series of sculptures created for the exhibition “A thread of voice” held in 2019, curated by Visioni Altre , at the Oratory of Santa Maria Assunta, Spinea (Venice).

In his work, Pinosio feels the need to lighten the sculpture, investigating lines that become pure design in space. An empty sculpture, therefore, in which matter and space become co-present, communicating with each other. The author, who masters the anatomical figure, draws those lines and planes from the drawing, which he then transfers – from horizontal to vertical – to conceive the body in three dimensions. The void represents a challenge in this conception of sculpture, because the environment enters the body of the work, creating an indistinct one with the space. And although the void represents the extreme challenge in sculpture, notoriously made of solid, it is above all the incumbency of the environment, or the space that goes in and out of the Pinosio’s sculptures, that create their originality.


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artista giovanni pinosio riccado benedini

“Working with iron wire fascinates me for what it sparks in me: reflection, waiting, silence, relationship, intertwining but above all the musicality of a line that is worked in a harmonious and continuous way”.

Giovanni Pinosio


“Etheral Love” depicts two bodies intertwined with each other, suspended, in the act of protecting their intimacy from the viewer’s curiosity, but without ever fearing their judgment. Their ascension is spectacular: the upper body guides the movement while, with arms wide open, it seems to shield its companion who, almost curled up, lets himself be carried away. Their poses suggest the unknown and spontaneous lightness of love. A love that becomes communion and chooses for both, as if it were a new and powerful entity, capable of transcending individual experiences and becoming a cloud. The sacredness of the moment in which we declare ourselves capable of welcoming this sentiment is framed here, in the background, by the altar of the Oratory of Santa Maria Assunta.

Class of 1991, Pinosio during his studies, deepened the anatomical drawing, which he then made three-dimensional by applying it to sculpture and using iron wire. The choice of this material, strong and delicate at the same time, falls in its excellent function as a connector between drawing and sculpture and vice versa.


pinosio riccado benedini

“Be of your sentiment guide and sentinel, strength and protection, conscience and blind impulse. Seek the space that belongs to you and live it without borders. You who draw without hands, you are the new explorers ”.

Riccardo Benedini


Ethereal Love

riccardo benedini design artista pinosio

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