Not just a room, but an extraordinary event. A furnishing project that arises just for one day. Milano Design Week 2023

Not just a room, but an extraordinary event. A furnishing project that arises just for one day. Milano Design Week 2023

Riccardo Benedini April 2023
April 2023

Onset (start, beginning).
The weather gets warmer at the onset of spring.

Onset, the debut, the first beat.
Or better the second, when the sun is about to rise and the night is suddenly colored with light.
It is an instant, very fast, which marks the transition from darkness to light, without hesitation.

The Onset installation gives life to an imaginary story capable of immersing the visitor in the experience of light, not only through forms, but also words.


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This is the story of a very special architectural studio.
Inside an ancient building in the heart of Milan, Lupettatelier hides a secret.

With obscured large windows which, like sleepy eyes, characterize the facade, the studio is able to generate a room.
Yes, one room a day.
Yet it is never the same, because the light only shows what those who enter want to see. It is for this reason that Isabella Franco‘s studio is always located in different places: it stages the memories and imagination of her clients. It knows their affections and desires. It captures its scents and suggestions.
It is enough to draw the curtains and a sprout of yellow light emerges from the walls like a sleepy awakening and prepares the objects for the migration of chance.
Towards where? No one can know.
Because at Lupettatelier each of us speaks to the room in their heart.


Riccardo Benedini‘s dialogues accompany the illustrations with which Valentina Volpi reinterprets the objects of each Onset designer partner



Did you perhaps catch the sun?


It wasn’t what I wanted.
I made a fist and the day went right into it.


I’d say you’ve done quite a bit of trouble. Didn’t they teach you that dawn is expected with open hands?


What do you mean?

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In the early hours of the day, the sun’s rays dart through the air, like fish. Sometimes they stick to the palms of your hands but if you grab them even for a single moment, that day becomes yours alone.


I thought the day belonged to no one.


You are wrong. The day belongs to those who yearn for it.


But my hands can’t contain the sunrise.


Your hands are the light, but to hold it you need a planet. Get a table!


A table? What do I need a table for?


Hurry! Spread some light on its surface and go around it like a lancet.

You will see its heart appear.

What will they think when they see me take the place of the day?


Who could think ill of someone saffron-colored?


The passers-by of this city, for example.
Now that the sun is in my room, they will all be looking at my windows.


If that’s your problem, cover the eyes of your palace with large walls of mustard-colored fabric.

Come on, hurry up!


So they will only see my shadow! It will be our secret, right?


It will be the secret of this day

Why are you still hiding?


Today I was expecting guests but now I won’t be able to talk to them anymore, otherwise they will be blinded by my sun.


Hiding is not the solution.
Your light would still emerge from every corner of the room. Find a vase instead.


A vase?


Yes, a vase to pour your voice into.

The voice of light.

Your guests will be able to hear you without seeing you.


Like how it is done with sea shells?


Like it is done with all special things.


I really want to rest, you know? All this light makes my eyes tired.


Be careful!
Whenever the Light tries to rest, its color fades.
And this happens because it mixes with the things of the world.


The things of the world?


Yes, I mean people’s emotions.

The joys, the fears, the memories.
In those moments everyone clings to a little piece of your light and, if you’re not careful, you risk to blush.


Then I will scatter bits of light on the floor of this room!


Do you plan to disorient them with your footsteps?


I think of a carpet of colored emotions.
They’ll think they’re making me blush, but they’ll make the room blush instead.

I suddenly feel like I’ve known this room forever. Why do I feel this way?


Perhaps because this room is simply a reflection of who you are.

Look at the wall in front of you.


But it’s a mirror in the shape of the sun, actually no, that’s really me!


This room arises for you and you alone.


Maybe I just wanted to be the light of day for a day.

But you? Who are you?


I, dear Isabella, am Lupetta.


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