Allegory of the Sea

The artist Giovanni Pinosio inaugurates the 2022 Art Biennale sailing in the San Marco basin in Venice with a crew made up of sculptures embroidered in the air.

Riccardo Benedini March 2023

A boat populated by human figures made of wire and net with which the public can talk and interact, touching them and moving them freely within the nautical spaces.

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With Pinosio I have developed an experience capable of making the public an accomplice of the installation itself, offering them the possibility of responding, with a simple action, to the emotions and questions that the work raises.



Giovanni Pinosio is known as the “sculptor of the wire” and is the first protagonist of Artista a Bordo, the project I created to offer artists, designers and creatives from all over the world the opportunity to tell their stories through short interviews at sea and transform their works into a real journey into the heart of Venice and its lagoon.
Born in 1991, the artist graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. During his studies he deepened the anatomical drawing, which he then made three-dimensional by applying it to the sculpture and using wire. The choice of this material, strong and delicate at the same time, falls within its excellent function as a connector between drawing and sculpture and vice versa, allowing the artist to depict bodies and objects that interact with the space that surrounds them. Lines that are “pure drawing in space”, where it is precisely the thread that creates the void, which for the artist represents the voice. In this way Giovanni Pinosio gives life to empty sculptures that act as a sounding board for a story narrated by the forms themselves to the environment that welcomes them.

“These works represent lovers, contemplatives caught in their emotional expressions. Expressions such as love which, like the sea and the wind, if it calms us today, supports us and elevates us, tomorrow will be able, in a single instant, to disturb and divide us”.
Giovanni Pinosio



Allegoria del Mare set sail in the San Marco basin on April 20, 2022 aboard the Turkish gulet Lycian Pricess and an audience of no less than thirty people who, together with me and the artist, contributed to making the dreamlike journey of this group of sculptures more real than ever.

A perfect occasion given the theme of the 59th edition of the International Art Exhibition for which Cecilia Alemani, artistic director of the event, chose the title “The milk of dreams”. The inspiration comes from Leonora Carrington’s book of fairy tales in which the surrealist artist describes a magical world in which life is constantly reinvented through the prism of the imagination and in which it is allowed to change, transform, become something else. An imaginary journey through the metamorphoses of bodies and definitions of the human.

So what better way to respond to the creative invitation of Biennale Arte 2022 than by transforming its dreamlike manifesto into reality?


Thanks to my Artista a Bordo project, I had thirty meters of boat at my disposal to create a space capable of empathizing with the public.
An intimate place but at the same time open to change, where the perception we have of ourselves and of what surrounds us is constantly tested by the instability that distinguishes the sea.
Having already worked for some time with the Venetian artist Giovanni Pinosio, I knew he was the perfect person to take up this challenge and this is because his works are known to question the observer thanks to shapes and volumes that change depending on where you place them.
We got to work at the end of February 2022, taking advantage of the extraordinary maintenance period during which the boat was hoisted out of the water at the Chioggia shipyard.
Just one month later, at the beginning of April, we installed the final works on board Lycian Princess at the gulet’s usual berth in Marina Santelena, our starting point on our maiden voyage.
The Allegoria del Mare installation consists of three distinct works and their arrangement on board was as follows: reclining on the bow sofa, two embracing lovers observed the horizon almost merging into a single body. Behind them, the profile of a man sunbathing on his knees on the large raised deckhouse of the boat while, standing upright in mid-air holding on to the steel shrouds, a naked woman looked up and seemed to give herself to the wind as she leaned down inside the boat and its guests.




The concept of my experience was based on the perception of our inner boundaries and the resulting responses in terms of actions in space in relation to the works that surround us. To give an example: if I feel love for what I am observing in this moment, I feel I am surpassing myself and then it will be natural for me to embrace the work in front of me. If I feel understanding, I will try to lie down next to it or otherwise, in case of disorientation, I will be tempted to rotate that figure, to place it elsewhere or simply to choose a different sculpture to interact with.
People are not used to touching the artist’s works with their hands, but with this traveling installation I have offered them an active role in history, making them not only protagonists of an artist’s journey but also responsible for the emergence and metamorphosis of a creative vision.


The traveling exhibition Allegoria del Mare remained open to the public throughout the month of May 2022. In June, the work “Amanti” was chosen by Arredo3 for the Milan Fuorisalone, remaining on display until August at the new showroom in Via Solferino.
Today the “Amanti” of Giovanni Pinosio continue its journey at the Galleria Sinopia in Rome.

Allegory of the Sea

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