The object that claims its dignity thanks to iron wire.

macchina da scrivere pinosio

The object that claims its dignity thanks to iron wire.

Riccardo Benedini September 2021
September 2021

A design that creates empathy and questions the observer thanks to its changing shapes and volumes, depending on the point of view. A three-dimensional game capable of overturning the parameters of every good interior decorator and surprising in its irreverent but refined movement.

macchina da scrivere pinosio beneidni

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“Typewriter” is the gift that Giovanni Pinosio gives to the visitor who enters his laboratory for the first time. Since an object that “creates words” is the best welcome to curiosity. Each of us, in our own imagination, has at least for once wanted to rest his fingers on the shining keys of a story, but tell me, what if this story is made of iron wire? Always fascinated by all those vintage objects that recall, in the most unknown ways, feelings such as waiting, reflection and intimacy, in 2017 Giovanni Pinosio finally began to redesign the face of all those forms that inhabited his sculpture workshop. The inner thread that connected the artist to their shell was thin, vibrant but at the same time firm and reassuring. Pinosio seems to define this bond as the “skein of attraction”.

giovanni pinosio artista
macchina da scrivere benedini riccardo venezia

“I continued to unroll the metal wire until I created a skeleton and the appearance of a new object emerged from that skeleton. Its contours emerged as a desire to free oneself from the volume. I created lightness and I had to educate myself in that magic”.

Giovanni Pinosio

The artist, in his personal interpretation, however, declares himself faithful to the original object. His proportions are studied and reproduced through drawing, which Pinosio renders three-dimensional and then applies it to sculpture. During this phase, the starting object is often present while, at other times, the artist uses photographs. The imagination, which appears to be absent throughout this process, is instead the one who deconstructs the volume, restoring the right balance between the identity of the object and its contours.

The iron wire, embellished with brass, is knotted, silver-welded and painted. The result is a very light, life-size work that rises and moves with one hand. Designed for the interior, the sculpture is signed by the artist in iron wire.

dettaglio macchina da scrivere pinosio

Pinosio focuses on habitual objects from our past and present. Shapes to which each of us recognizes a clear identity, made up of personal memories, emotions and moments of life. They are objects that we know well and in dialoguing with them the artist actually dialogues with us. From an apparent mere abstraction of forms, Pinosio’s work leads us into a surprising introspection: the object, freeing itself from the volume of the “commonly known”, speaks of itself as never before, giving us spectators a completely new knowledge, regenerated, about what we thought we always knew.

macchina scrivere pinosio benedini

“Those of Giovanni Pinosio are objects that claim their dignity and they do it in a polite way, without any weight”.

Riccardo Benedini


macchina da scrivere pinosio

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